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The Lacković are a formerly sovereign dynasty, of Croatian-Hungarian origin, which ruled Transylvania intermittently, in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. The family also gave bans (viceroys) to Croatia, Slavonia, Dalmatia, and Bulgaria, Palatines to Hungary, as well as a viceroy to Naples. Also called Laczkffy and Lackfi (in Hungarian).


The Lacković family is a branch of the influential Kán family (members of the Hermány clan), which settled in Pannonia in 895, becoming Counts of Siklós in the year 900. The founder of the family is László II Kán. The descendants of his union with a princess from the Piast royal family of Poland took the name of Lacković (Lackfi in Hungarian), which means son of Lacko (or Laczk), which in turn is the diminutive form of the name László.


Notable members of the Lacković family include: :
Stephen I Lackovič (Croatian: Stjepan,  Hungarian: Istvan) son of László II Kán
 Lord of Međimurje, Voivode of Transylvania (1344-1350), Ban (governor) of Croatia, Slavonia, and Dalmatia (1350-1352).
Andrew I Lackovič (Croatian: Andrija,  Hungarian: Endre) son of László II Kán
  Voivode of Transylvania (1344), Viceroy of Naples (1350-1352).
Nicholas I Lackovič (Croatian: Nikola,  Hungarian: Miklos), son of László II Kán
  Voivode of Transylvania (1367-1368).
Blanche Lackovič (Blanka)  daughter of Laszlo II Kán
  Married King Stefan Uroš III of Serbia
Dionysus I Lackovič (Croatian: Dionizije,  Hungarian: Denes) son of Andrewa I 
 Bishop of Zagreb (1349-1350).
Stephen II Lackovič (died 1397) son of Stephena I
 l Lord of Medjimurje, Lindva, and Keszthely, Ban of Croatia (1371-1372; 1383-1384), Voivode of Transylvania (1372-1376), Palatine of Hungary (1387-1397).
Emeric I Lackovič (Croatian: Emerik,  Hungarian: Imre) son of Stephena I 
  Voivode of Transylvania (1368-1372), Ban of Bulgaria (1365-1366), Ban of Croatia, Slavonia, and Dalmatia (1368).
Dionysus II Lackovič son of Stephena I
  Voivode of Transylvania (1359-1367).
Jacob I Lackovič (Croatian: Jakov,  Hungarian: Jakab) son of Stephena II
 Voivode of Transylvania (1409-1416), Knight of the Order of the Dragon.
David I Lackovič, son of Stephena II
  Lord of Našice, Ban of Slavonia (1416-1418).
Dionysus III Lackovič son of Stephena II
  Bishop of Tranyslvania (1427-1428).
Stephen III Lackovič son of Emerika I
 Voivode of Transylvania (1372-1376).
Maria Lackovič (Croatian: Marija,  Hungarian: Maria) daughter of Emerika I
  married Mircea I Basarab, Voivode of Wallachia.
George I Lackovič (Croatian: Juraj,  Hungarian: Gyorgy) son of Emerika I
 Ban of Macsó (1392-1393)
Elisabeth Lackovič(Croatian: Elizabeta,  Hungarian: Erzsebet) daughter of Emerika I
  married firstly Spytek z Melsztyna, Voivode of Kraków. Married secondly Jan Piast, Duke of Münsterberg.

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